Were you at the Coronation party?

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FORMER Hartlepool woman Anne Thompson would like help to identify the people in this picture.

Anne featured in Family Roots in February when she told us of her grandparents whose romance was disrupted when war broke out.

Now Anne, who lives in London, would like help on this photograph, which was taken in 1952.

She said: “I am wondering if anybody recognises themselves from this photo of a coronation party?

“It was held in the Spiritualist Hall in Park Road, I only remember a few of the faces.

“That is my memory of a street party held indoors.”

The photograph shows Anne and members of her family.

The front of the picture shows her brother Michael, now aged 63, as the first little boy looking from right to left, says Anne.

She added: “Then there is my sister Margaret now aged 66 and myself now aged 68.”

The family hailed from the Lister Street and Benson Street areas of Hartlepool and Anne added: “My part of Lister Street has now gone and the old Lister Street School is now a housing estate.

“If anyone remembers they can {mailto:anne@listercentral.co.uk|email me”.

Here’s hoping we can help Anne fill in the blanks.