What a coincidence

Stan and Eileen Cooke. memory lane letter
Stan and Eileen Cooke. memory lane letter
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WE were both surprised and delighted when a friend sent us a copy of a photograph taken at the Borough Hall in 1949 (Memory Lane, April 9).

My husband, Stan Coote, is on the photograph along with Harry Foreman, whom we are still good friends with, along with his wife, Edna.

Sadly we do not know anything about the other four people, attractive friends, on the photograph.

Stan is now 83 years old and married to me.

We married in 1957 at St Hilda’s Church.

Our son, Mark, was born in 1961.

We moved to Cheltenham in 1963 following which Stan worked abroad for six years before retiring to Menorca.

We have now lived here for over 30 years.

Another coincidence.

On the same day you printed another photograph, taken in 1951 when pupils from Galley’s Field School took a five-day trip to London to celebrate the Festival of Britain.

I was one of those pupils!

I am enclosing a photograph taken on a recent cruise and wonder whether any Mail readers will recognise us.

Eileen Coote

(nee Coultas),

Cala’n Porter,