Whatever happened to our friend Janet?

Janet Wood (right) with Anita Wittevrongel, believed in 1961.
Janet Wood (right) with Anita Wittevrongel, believed in 1961.

TOGETHER Again has been enlisted to help reunite the daughter of a prominent town author with overseas friends.

Nina de Bruyne, from Flanders in Belgium, is trying to get in touch with Hartlepool woman Janet Wood.

Janet is the daughter of former Hartlepool Mail reporter, town headmaster and local historian, Robert Wood, whose book West Hartlepool, published in 1967, was hailed as the definitive history of Hartlepool.

Janet became friends with Nina’s mum Anita, born in 1947, and Anita’s sister Jacqueline, who was born two years before and is thought to be about the same age as Janet.

The girls became friends after Janet, her father and his pupils had a school trip to the Belgian seaside, near Wenduine, in the late 1950s or early 1960s. The sisters were working in the hotel where the group stayed.

Nina added that her mum and aunt enjoyed a holiday to the Wood family home in Hutton Avenue, Hartlepool as teenagers.

Nina visited Hartlepool in September and found out more about Mr Wood, who passed away in 1976, but not much about Janet.

She added: “Each year, Mr Wood, Janet, and his pupils spent a school trip at the Belgian seaside. They always stayed at a hotel called Petit Jean.

“It was there that Janet got to know my aunt Jacqueline and mum Anita who worked as apprentrices in the hotel.

“It would be lovely to know if Janet is ok, or whats she’s up to nowadays.”

If Janet recognises herself, or if anyone else can help, Nina can be emailed at nina.de.bruyne@skynet.be