When Pools smashed Darlo 5-0 in derby massacre

Hartlepool 1960/61 team.
Hartlepool 1960/61 team.

The Quakers suffered a drubbing at the hands of Pools in 1960 - much to the delight of disheartened fans,

Pools had bowed to the superior strength of Southport just a week before, handing the Lancashire club a 2-0 victory almost on a plate.

Ken Johnson.

Ken Johnson.

But the Hartlepool lads proved fighting fit, and raring to go, when they took on Darlington at the Victoria Ground on August 27, 1960.

Indeed, the Pools forwards tore the visitors’ defence to ribbons - laying claim to a 5-0 success in their first victory of the season.

“Pools were doing pretty well as they pleased by the end of the match,” noted Sentinel, the Mail’s football pundit.

“The attack tore the Darlington defence to pieces, and our goalie had a very easy afternoon. The five goals could easily have been seven.”

The attack tore the Darlington defence to pieces, and our goalie had a very easy afternoon. The five goals could easily have been seven.

Sentinel - football pundit for the Hartlepool Mail in 1960.

The first derby of the 1960/61 season saw a “sprinkling” of Darlo fans make it to the Victoria Ground - most confident of success.

Indeed, home fans were left less than confident after seven side changes were announced - such as the inclusion of Bob Folland and Clydesdale.

But, as Pools kicked off towards the Greyhound Stadium, the home team looked the stronger side. Indeed, Pools were the first to attack.

“Pools’s forward line was moving well, and little was seen of Darlington in the early stages,” reported Sentinel.

“Folland was here, there and everywhere and, on one occasion, gave Darlington a fright when he received a high ball on the left.

“It was all Pools. Our boys were tearing holes in the Darlington defence, but it was the old story of poor finishing.”

Despite repeated attacks by Pools, it took until the 29th minute for the team to score their first goal - courtesy of Clark.

“Johnson collected a clearance, carried it ten yards and slipped it to Clark, who was just inside the penalty area,” said Sentinel.

“Clark turned, steadied himself and, from an oblique angle, hammered the ball past Tinsley into the opposite corner of the net.”

Rain started to hit the pitch at around this time, but it failed to dampen the spirits of the Pools players - who remained in fighting form.

Four more Pools goals followed - two from Anderson and one apiece from Johnson and Folland - before the final whistle was sounded.

“The game ended with Pools still attacking. The game certainly justified the seven changes made to the side,” stated Sentinel.