Now 60 nail their colours to the mast


SIXTY super photographers have now entered a competition which commemorates the Hartlepool leg of The Tall Ships Races.

We are amazed at the standard and numbers of entries in the Hartlepool Mail contest which aimed to find people willing to have their work go on show at an exhibition later this month.

The contest is being held in Hartlepool Art Gallery to mark the first anniversary of the races coming to Hartlepool.

You have responded magnificently and here are some more examples of your work.

Our thanks go to Mick Martindale, Joe Fleetham, Maureen Fountain, Tracy Boddy, Kevin Maynard, Vikki Whitaker, Margaret Peterson, Tracey Quinn, and Mike Williams.

Time is now running out for people to enter the photographic contest and potential entrants must send us their submissions by tomorrow.

It does not matter if you are an amateur cameraman or woman who took quick snaps or a keen picture-taker whose passion is photography.

Whether it is pictures of ships, crews, quayside fun or just general merriment during the nautical event, we want your photographic memories.

We will choose up to 15 winners and they will win the opportunity of having their photographic work put on public display at The Tall Ships Races – One Year On exhibition to be held at Hartlepool Art Gallery, from Saturday, June 25, to Wednesday, August 31.

The winning photographs will be put on show as part of the Mail’s section within the exhibition. The best will also be included in a digital display.

So come on readers. Get your photographs out and send them to Chris Cordner via email to by Wednesday, June 15.

It could be your work going on show this summer.