Photographer aims for two world records – but needs help of Hartlepool residents

A PHOTOGRAPHER has set his focus on setting two world records this year.

Michael Gant, 51, says his two main passions in life are photography and playing guitar.

So what better subjects for Michael to use in achieving one of his life-long aims - breaking a world record in both fields.

Michael, who runs Rainbow Photography, has set himself an audacious target to set a world record for the number of portrait photographs taken in an hour.

He has been in touch with Guinness and discovered there isn’t currently a world record for the challenge.

But he is aiming to snap 500 portraits in 60 minutes, working out at a photo every 7.2 seconds. And, not content with his photographic challenge, Michael also wants to gather hundreds of musicians in an attempt to break the record for the number of people simultaneously playing the same song.

Michael has again contacted Guinness stating his intentions to break the record

He has done some research and believes the current best stands at around 1,800 guitar players who came together to play the famous riff from Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water.

Now he is hoping to get the support of people in Hartlepool who are willing to help him with his attempts.

“I don’t really know why but setting a world record is always something I have wanted to do,” said Michael, who lives on the Headland with his wife, Brenda, 52.

“Photography and playing the guitar are what I love doing so I thought I would involve them both. I can’t really do anything until I hear back from Guinness but I’m just trying to figure out what would be the best way to do them, especially the photography one which I think I’m going to try first.”

Michael’s first port of call is finding a venue to attempt the photography world record and attracting the number of people required.

Anyone interested in taking part can contact Michael via the Rainbow Photography Facebook page.