Police operation targets gang of 50 yobs terrorising Hartlepool marina

Jackson Dock from Maritime Avenue at Hartlepool marina
Jackson Dock from Maritime Avenue at Hartlepool marina

A police operation has been launched to tackle a gang of up to 50 yobs causing a nuisance around Hartlepool Marina.

A dispersal order has been imposed covering The Lanyard, Victoria Terrace and Maritime Avenue and will remain in place for 48 hours.

The Lanyard.

The Lanyard.

A similar operation last August saw dispersal order imposed in the area.

It gives police the power to disperse a group of two or more people causing a nuisance in public.

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: “Recently, business premises around The Highlight in Hartlepool have been suffering from large-scale anti-social behaviour, with groups of up to 50 youths gathering each night. 

“The youths are engaging in criminal damage, use of foul language and intimidating behaviour towards staff and the public. 

“Images of the offenders have been obtained and police will be taking positive action against the offenders.

“A dispersal order has been issued around the area and will remain in place for 48 hours.”

Adam Henderson, one of the directors at Hartlepool Marina, said the problem has been going on over the last year when youths are attracted to the marina in the warmer weather.

He welcomed the orders, but said the marina prefers to engage young people in a variety of water-based activities as a way of stopping such behaviour.

He said: “My observations have been alarming and have raised significant safety concerns - predominately for the youths themselves who are taking unnecessary risks.

“We recognise that the fairer weather creates a desire to be near to the water and the message we want to make is that we are not saying you can’t enjoy it, but because of the risks there are protocols in place.
“If the youths give us a bit of respect we can show them a lot of opportunities for them to get involved in activities such as paddle boarding.

“We have had problems from groups in the past who we offered some paddle boarding sessions to and we have never had trouble since.”

A Hartlepool Borough Council spokesman said: “We are aware of these issues and are working in collaboration with the police and other partners to address the issues and we are fully supportive of the actions the police are taking.”

Anyone interested in marina activities can email: infoonwater-training.com