Romanian trek a success

David on top of Moldoveanu
David on top of Moldoveanu

AS David Taylor-Gooby looks out of his living room window seven-year old Lucy Wood plays happily in the street with a group of children.

But behind the smile the brave youngster has a battle on her hands, with multiple sclerosis.

The youngster isn’t alone. Her dad Stuart also suffers with the condition.

But neither let it affect them and do their best to get on with everyday life.

Witnessing the fantastic attitude of Lucy inspired David Taylor-Gooby to take on a gruelling mountaineering challenge.

Fifty miles and 8,000ft later, he stands proud after completing the Fagaras Ridge challenge, in Romania.

Alongside his brother, Peter, David trekked for five days through the undulating Romanian mountains.

Dracula’s castles, sleeping in huts and coming across numerous groups of shepherds with their fierce dogs standing alongside them are just some of the memories David brought back home with him to Peterlee.

“It is certainly one of the toughest expeditions I have ever done,” said David, a dad-of-two who is married to Maureen.

“Tougher in a way than climbing Mont Blanc because we had to carry a lot of the kit.

“The actual distance of the trek was a bit more than 50 miles but that doesn’t include the ups and downs and the difficulty of the terrain.”

After a three-hour train journey from Bucharest to Brasov, a near miss with a timber wagon driving down the middle of the road in the dead of night and a relatively good night’s sleep in a hut, the two of them set off on their trek.

The next five days consisted of walking, sleeping and more sleeping.

The hot sun took its toll but come Sunday the gruelling trek was over, the effort had been worth it and the money had been raised.

And it was through the testing times in the trek where David took a step back and thought about things.

“It was tough but it reminded me of how lucky I was to have my health,” he added.

“The real heroes of this world are people like Stuart and Lucy who get on with life despite having physical afflictions like MS.

“They are the people I admire.

“I want to thank Peter for all his help and forbearance and I must also give a big thank you to all the sponsors who at the last count enabled me to give the MS Society more than £1,000.”