Scott sheds 39 pounds to win £300

Weigh Loss Challenge winner Scott Rush shows how he lost three stone in three months to win �300.
Weigh Loss Challenge winner Scott Rush shows how he lost three stone in three months to win �300.

DETERMINED dad Scott Rush shed best part of THREE stones in THREE months to pick up THREE hundred pounds in an initiative that is shaping lives across Hartlepool.

After struggling to lose weight, Scott joined the innovative Hartlepool Arriba! Wellness Club 12-Week Community Challenge.

Stuck behind a desk at the Conoco Phillips site at Seal Sands the shift operator feared that not only was his weight rocketing but also his troublesome blood pressure.

Both are now dropping dramatically and exercise is a pivotal part of his life.

Scott, who started the challenge at just over 17st 10lb and is now under 15 stones, lost the biggest percentage of body weight in the 30-strong class, after shedding almost 39lb.

Scott, who lives in the Bishop Cuthbert area with wife Clare and nine-year-old daughter Maddie, paid tribute to award-winning health coach Jackie Liddle who runs Hartlepool Arriba! Wellness Club.

The 38-year-old said: “I was diagnosed with high blood pressure a couple of years ago and just over two years ago I changed jobs to one that was mainly office-based.

“I gradually put on nearly three stone. I tried to lose weight on my own but struggled.

“I chose Jackie’s classes because I appreciated what she was teaching - that a healthy diet should be based around lean, protein-rich meals with lots of exercise. I didn’t want to be counting calories or having days when I could only eat certain foods.

“I was expecting the usual calorie control stuff but it’s not that.

“The classes are about lifestyle and education. I am nearly three stone lighter and can happily say I made the right decision.”

Classes focus on educational health and sustainable weight loss in a relaxed atmosphere.

The 12-Week Community Challenges are held on various evenings at numerous locations across Hartlepool, including two run by Mrs Liddle at Brierton Community Sports Centre every Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 6.45pm.

She said: “Scott’s weight loss and new-found healthy lifestyle just shows what can be achieved through nutritional education.

“The classes revolve around education and encouragement. People realise that weight loss, while challenging at first, can become enjoyable and rewarding.

“Having a healthy lifestyle is not just about losing weight.

“The challenges focus on sustainable weight loss and healthy living which includes lots of fruit and vegetables, wholegrain for fibre, protein from dairy products, fish, chicken and plenty of exercise.

“Once people realise what is good for their bodies and what is not good for them losing weight becomes less of a daunting task.

“It is fantastic to see people lose amazing amounts of weight in short spaces of time but everyone who takes part is a winner when it comes to their health improving. Everything is sustainable.

“There is a supportive atmosphere in the challenges and people take that home with them and develop it through family and friends.”

As part of the 12-Week Community Weight Loss Challenge there are cash incentives for people to lose weight with £300 for the winner, £200 for second and £100 for third depending on class sizes.

A new challenge gets underway tonight at Brierton Community Sports Centre. It costs £39 for 12 classes and an initial registration and introductory session.

Full details are available from or on 07939 518948.