SLIDESHOW: Decked out for Steampunk

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AN ECLECTIC mix of costumes, sword fights, rock bands and duels involving cups of tea - HMS Trincomalee held its first very Steampunk event.

People travelled from afar and dozens of people packed onto the historic ship to get involved with the event, which was very much a celebration of the Steampunk culture.

People dressed in extravagant costumes while various quirky activities were organised to take place during the day.

None more so than the tea duelling championships, which involves participants dunking biscuits into cups of tea with the winner being the player who manages get the biscuit in their mouth without it breaking or crumbling.

The activities were brought to a close with two steampunk rock bands taking to the stage aboard the ship last night.

The Steampunk event was organised by Keep Calm Events, in partnership with the HMS Trincomalee Trust.

David McKnight, HMS Trincomalee Trust general manager, said: “It’s the first time we have ever held a Steampunk event but it certainly won’t be the last.

“Ir was a fantastic day, there was so much going on and for a lot of our visitors on the day it was something they hadn’t seen before.

“People travelled from a long way off to come here for the event, it was a huge success.”