Tamsyn beats the drum for charity

WHEN talented Tamsyn Kerr was just three-years-old she was inspired to play the drums after being wowed by a Phil Collins concert on television.

Five years later, the eight-year-old star in the making is set to take to the stage tonight, as part of her own band, to try and drum up support for a charity close to her families heart.

Drummer Tamsyn Kerr.

Drummer Tamsyn Kerr.

The Lynnfield Primary School pupil spends hours on her drum kit every week.

Her home in York Road sounds more like a rock and roll club from time gone by as she plays out the huge hits of Oasis, the Beatles and Chuck Berry.

And the rocking youngster is hoping practice makes perfect tonight as she plays her first gig with the band she got together, Hobo Mojo, and in doing so will raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Tamsyn’s nana, Marie Charlton, died of cancer in 2005.

Drummer Tamsyn Kerr.

Drummer Tamsyn Kerr.

And just like a television show inspired her to play the drums five years ago, she was motivated to do her bit for the cause after seeing an advert for the charity on the box.

With the help of her supportive parents, Trevor Pickard, 43, and Tracy Taylor, 44, Tamsyn pulled together seven other musicians to form her first band.

Hobo Mojo, made up of Tamsyn, Lee Etherington, Paul Etherington, Scott Etherington, Daniel Swan, Nathan Swan, Chris Terry and Adrian Hall, have been practising hard and have played a couple of small warm up gigs.

But tonight they will play their biggest gig to date in front of a packed crowd at Hartlepool Rovers Quoit Club, in Easington Road, in the town.

As well as hopefully boosting the coffers of Cancer Research UK, for Tamsyn the gig marks five years hard work, and she is hoping it is the first of many.

“I wanted to play the drums as soon as I saw a Phil Collins concert on television,” the talented youngster told the Mail.

“My dream is to be a professional drummer, it’s what I love doing.”

Proud mum, Tracy, who organised tonight’s event, added: “I still remember Tamsyn turning to me and Trevor when she watched the concert and telling us that she wants a drum kit.

“She just seems to have this natural talent, she can listen to a song and then play it within an hour.”

Tracy, who is unemployed and also a mum to Leanne Taylor, 23, Samantha Taylor, 21, Laura Taylor, 18, Nathan Kerr, 16 and Luke Kerr, 14, added: “She wanted to start a band and then after she saw a television advert for Cancer Research UK she said she wanted to raise money as a tribute to her nana.

“They were always very close, we are all so proud.”

Lee Etherington, 33, lead guitar and lead vocals in the band, added: “Tamsyn is certainly a special talent.

“I can’t imagine how good she will be when she is 16-years old.”

The band are also planning to release an album with all profits going to Cancer Research UK.

Details will be posted on the website: www.hobomojo.co.uk

Tickets for tonight’s event are £3 and are available on the door.