Time to back Diamonds

Ruff Diamond
Ruff Diamond

A DANCE crew is practising for hours on end to perfect the moves they need for a television contest – and now they need your support.

The six members of Ruff Diamond, from Hartlepool, are using every spare moment they can find to practise their routine for this year’s Got To Dance competition on Sky 1 television.

It is leaving them drained as they put every ounce of energy in to the competition but the hard work is paying dividends. The crew is already through to the semi-finals of the contest which carries a £250,000 top prize.

They will be performing live on Sunday, March 10, in the show which is screened from 6pm.

And if Ruff Diamond make it through the semis, they will dance in the final to be screened live a week later on Sunday, March 17, also on sky 1 HD at 6pm.

Dance crew member Zac Healey, who is also a choreographer, told of the sheer level of commitment being shown by the crew members.

“It is every spare hour. It is an hour here or an hour there and it is every day.”

The intensity is so great, Zac has come down with flu and said: “There were a couple of days where I was dancing and I couldn’t hear myself talking.

“But I couldn’t give up and take a week off. I will be okay.”

Now, with the big day approaching, the crew plans to spend the next few days getting themselves into the best physical shape possible so that they are ready for their big performance.

In the meantime, they need the Hartlepool public to give them every bit of support possible.

The crews which will go through to the finals are those voted for by the public.

And the only way that people can vote for Ruff Diamond is by watching the show.

People need to make a note of the number which relates to Ruff Diamond and then vote for the dance crew either through that number or by registering a vote online at the Got To Dance website.

But there’s another important detail to bear in mind. People only have an eight-minute slot to vote for their favourite crew and that slot is after every dance crew has performed.

Zac said: “People need to watch for the number on the show or go online but there is only that eight minute slot so it is important that they vote then.

“And it is only through the public vote that dance crews can get through to the final.”

So make sure you watch the programme from 6pm on Sunday, March 10 - and let’s make sure Ruff Diamond reach the grand finals where they would perform in front of a 6,000-strong audience at Kensington Olympia, on March 17.