Understanding speech problems

Melissa Cairney with a patient
Melissa Cairney with a patient

EXPERT help is available for people wanting to find out more about speech problems.

A speech and language therapist at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust will be on hand all next week to raise awareness of speech difficulties during Aphasia Awareness Month.

Specialist Melissa Cairney said: “Aphasia is a devastating communication disability which is commonly caused by stroke. It’s often caused by damage to the language centre in the brain.

“Patients may have difficulty with reading, speaking, listening or writing. It affects people differently.

“Some people can’t read or write, some can just say a few words while others can speak but struggle with sentences.”

To find out about aphasia, people can call at the information stand in the main concourse at the University Hospital of Hartlepool on Monday between 9am-5pm.

Speech and language therapists and representatives from the Stroke Association will be on hand to answer any questions.