VIDEO: Glamour girl Chelsea Ferguson a Twitter hit

CHELSEA Ferguson is reluctant to call herself a celebrity – but openly admits she always wanted to be famous.

She sits back on the sofa at her Bishop Cuthbert home and laughs at some of the Twitter notifications which buzz through on her phone.

Chelsea Ferguson.

Chelsea Ferguson.

Her mobile is a hive of activity. It’s non-stop.

It’s only been five minutes since I sat down in her front room and she scrolls down her iPhone screen to reveal dozens of new followers and Tweets being sent her way.

For the 23-year-old glamour girl this is a normal state of affairs. This is work.

Chelsea is known in every corner of the UK.

Thirteen months ago she was working as a stripper in Leeds. Today she still does that job – but now Chelsea is big business.

Ever since she started to post saucy photographs of herself on Twitter, her legion of followers and fans has never stopped growing.

She promised to post her first photograph in January last year if she got up to 1,000 followers – a target achieved in a matter of hours.

She now boasts 348,000 fans on the social networking site, plus the dozens more who tap the follow button by the hour.

“In the space of two or three months everything just spiralled,” she says.

“Word spread, everyone wanted to see more so I kept posting photographs and started doing stuff for Nuts magazines and that sort of thing.”

The photos started out “as a laugh” but Chelsea soon realised there was a business opportunity in what she was doing. There was money to be made.

It didn’t take her long to notice that blokes were going into the strip club in Leeds and asking for her.

And it didn’t take other strip clubs long to notice that the former English Martyrs RC School and Sixth Form student was hot property.

“I was getting messages on Twitter asking me when and where I was working,” says Chelsea.

“I went to Newcastle first but then I started to realise there was money to be made and I thought I’ve got to take this to other places.”

It wasn’t just the envious eyes of strip club bosses who realised Chelsea was drawing in the crowds – and the cash.

She started to get offers to make appearances at nightclubs throughout the country.

Just hours after I leave she was setting off to Derby, all expenses paid and a hefty cheque for a few hours work.

“It’s like being getting paid to party,” she laughs.

“Some nightclubs have an idea of what they would like me to do, what I want to do is get drunk, get on stage, probably get my boobs out and have a good laugh.”

Derby is the latest in a long list of towns and cities she’s ticked off. Manchester, Cardiff, Sheffield, and a few days in Ireland are all on that list just in the last couple of months.

She’s now being approached about going out to club resorts such as Malia and Magaluf this summer.

Is she famous? The fact the Ferguson version of Chelsea appears higher on a Google search than the fixtures of the football team of the same name suggest so.

As would the fact that her first batch of T-shirts with her face printed on the front sold out in a matter of hours.

“I don’t want to say I’m a celebrity,” she says.

“But people know me, people pay to see me and people pay for my merchandise.

“I don’t have any idols, but I look at what Jordan has done and how she’s built an empire for herself, I’d like to think I can model my career like that.

“I haven’t done anything, I don’t have a talent and I’m average looking, but I’ve made the most of myself, I’m making money and I’m happy.

“That’s the main thing for me.”

She doesn’t want to reveal how much money she rakes in, but Chelsea isn’t doing bad for herself.

She likes to buy designer clothes and shoes and just moments before I got to her house she took a phone call to say her new BMW X6 is running a few days late.

She openly admits to having had surgery in the past. She’s had her breasts enhanced to 34F, lip fillers, veneers and a “bit of botox”.

And due to her lifestyle in the public eye on social neworking sites, Chelsea does have to take the rough with the smooth.

“I was in Sheffield the other week and I’d just went out to the shop to buy whatever and within minutes I had an alert on Twitter with someone saying they had just seen Chels Fergo looking rough as,” she said.

That insult is tame compared to some of the abuse Chelsea receives on Twitter.

But she tries to not let it bother her .

She said: “My friends and family know the type of work I do.

“But they knows me as Chelsea, not Chels Fergo off Twitter, they know my goals and what I want from life.

“I do get all sorts of messages on Twitter, I get the haters and few creeps saying all sorts of things to me but I just try to have a bit of crack and have a go back.”

So what does Chelsea want from life? She acknowledges her current lifestyle can’t last forever, what are her long-term goals?

“I’d like to think I’d made enough money to set up a business,” she says.

“I don’t know what exactly yet, maybe a strip club.

“Back in the day strippers used to have that bad name but it’s not like that now.

“A lot of girls realise they can make enough money to never work again, to pay their house off and set themselves up for life.”

After her progress so far, few would bet against her being successful.

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