VIDEO: Sunderland’s Mackem Mover dances ‘The Di Canio’

MACKEM Mover Steve Turner is busting a new move – all thanks to new SAFC boss Paolo Di Canio’s derby day celebrations.

The dad-of-two and Black Cats fan has been dancing in the manner of the Sunderland head coach as he bounced and then slid across the touchline during the famous victory.

Mackem Mover Steve Turner's new dance in honour of SAFC head coach Paolo Di Canio.

Mackem Mover Steve Turner's new dance in honour of SAFC head coach Paolo Di Canio.

Sunderland’s victory is all the more sweeter for Steve as he works for Sky in Newcastle, in the shadow of the Magpies’ ground St James’s Park.

Goals from Stephane Sessegnon, Adam Johnson and David Vaughan helped secure bragging rights for Sunderland fans.

“I’ve been winding up the Mags at work something rotten this week,” said Steve, 49, from Stanley, County Durham, who was first dubbed the Mackem Mover by former footballer Jamie Redknapp during a previous Tyne-Wear derby in 2008.

“They’ve been a bit quiet this week, but one of them has bet me £20 that we will still go down this season.

“I couldn’t believe it when I was watching the game how well we did.”

Steve says that Di Canio is now an instant hero in his eyes and those of Sunderland supporters after he led the club to their best derby day result since 1979.

“Everyone was on about the fascism thing, but I just think people were having a go to discredit him,” added Steve, who has appeared on Sky’s Got to Dance showcasing his brilliant breakdancing.

“It was never mentioned before he came to Sunderland.

“But he’s been an inspiration for us so far.

“I said when he was appointed that there is no one more passionate than him in football.

“We all thought Martin O’Neill would be able to bring in better players with his record, but it just didn’t work out.

“I think Di Canio will keep us up now.”