VIDEO: You tell us what you get up to when the sun shines in Your Shout

WITH summer looking like it’s finally arrived, we asked shoppers in Hartlepool town centre what they were doing while the sun was shining.

Stephanie Stokle, 17, a business and administration student, from the Rift House area of Hartlepool, said she loves nothing more than getting out and about when the weather is nice.

Stephanie Stokle.fh

Stephanie Stokle.fh

She said: “I love going to the beach and I love going in the garden and going to concerts with my friends.”

Stuart McEvoy, 25, from the West View area of Hartlepool, said he loves barbecues, the beach and playing football in the park with pals.

Stuart, who is currently unemployed, said: “We get 10 minutes of summer every year.

“You might as well go out and play footy in it.”

Marcia Naylor, 75, a former office worker, who lives in the Elwick Road area of Hartlepool, said she likes to go walking when it is sunny.

The mum–of–three and grandmother–of–three said: “We mostly just like to walk, that’s about it really. We like to be in the countryside.”

Gemma Marsey, a youth work student, from Owton Manor Lane, in Hartlepool, said she likes to get out and about with her friends and play sport.

The 17–year–old said: “I like going to play football and basketball, and I also do boxing. When it was sunny on Sunday I also went to the gym.”