WILLO TALK: Why things get smaller

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OF all the big stories doing the rounds last week, I was shocked but not surprised to read about yet another food scandal which had been exposed.

This one had nothing to do with horsemeat being found in burgers, it was far more hard-hitting than that and had it not been for some old lady falling off her perch and having a big funeral in London I’m sure it would have received far more column inches.

Apparently experts have proved that despite a few cheeky little price rises, some products at Greggs have been shrinking in size.

As a lover of Greggs and all that they stand for, you could have knocked me down with a steak bake.

Pies, pasties, cakes and sandwiches have all got smaller, and according the research carried out by Which? magazine, some of their doughnuts are eight per cent smaller.

It’s all very unsavoury if you ask me, even though the firm have said a lot of the reductions in the size of their products are often down to the fact that they are putting less fat or salt into them

Yeah, righto. How much salt lops half an inch off a sausage roll?

I’m sure Greggs aren’t the only ones, I remember all sorts of products from when I was a kid that seem to be smaller now than they used to be.

Wagon Wheels used to be massive, they were like wagon’s wheels which I’m guessing is probably how they got their name in the first place.

Now they fit into the top of a cup although they make a right mess when you try to dip them.

I think Mars Bars used to be far bigger than they are now and the Aero used to be quite a challenge to get your teeth into before that seemed to shrink as well.

I also remember family bags of sweets being able to feed a family and still have a few left in the packet for the next day.

But nowadays you can pretty much get through a full bag by yourself while watching Britain’s Got Talent.

There used to be far more crisps in bags back in the day and I’m sure a quarter of sweets were heavier than they are now.

Maybe the experts are wrong and the products aren’t getting any smaller after all.

It could be that we’re just getting bigger hands as a result of all the big things we used to eat when we were kids.