007 minutes – baby Bond wouldn’t wait so arrived on bathroom floor in Hartlepool

Kirsty Legg with her children Mia Bond and Darren-Thomas Sowerby
Kirsty Legg with her children Mia Bond and Darren-Thomas Sowerby

BEAUTIFUL bundle of joy Mia Bond had to be delivered by her mum’s shocked sister and pal on a bathroom floor after deciding to make an unexpected arrival.

Heavily pregnant Kirsty Legg was enjoying a cuppa at the Hartlepool home of her sister Kelly Galloway, along with Kelly’s friend, Katie Brant – who she had met for the first time – when she stood up to head home.

But the 26-year-old was delayed when a thunderstorm suddenly broke out and hailstones began raining down.

It was during the freak weather that Kirsty started to feel niggling pains in her stomach which quickly worsened and led to Kelly, 32, from the King Oswy area of town, phoning midwives for advice and a taxi to get the expectant mum to hospital.

Kirsty – who was 10 days overdue – went upstairs to the bathroom followed closely by Kelly and Katie, and suddenly realised that she was ready to give birth.

Kelly managed to get Kirsty to sit down and within one push gorgeous baby Mia Kelly Bond was born, weighing a healthy 6lb 14oz.

Full-time mum Kirsty, who has another son, Darren Thomas Sowerby, aged six, said her daughter’s shock birth has still not sunk in.

She said: “I’m still in a bit of shock because it happened so quickly.

“I was due to go into hospital to be induced the next day because I was 10 days overdue.

“I’ve had niggly pains for the last couple of weeks so I just thought it was that, but it came on fully within about half an hour.

“One second I felt like I needed to push and the next thing I remember is my sister saying she’s here. it was just weird.”

Kirsty, whose partner Bryan Bond, now a dad-of-three, missed the birth because he had started to make his way to the hospital thinking she would be giving birth there, added: “She’s tiny, she’s gorgeous. She looks like my son when she’s got her eyes closed and when she opens them she looks like her dad.”

Katie, 27, a full-time mum-of-two, said the super-quick birth was very emotional and all three of them broke down in tears when Mia was born.

“We were all crying, it was really emotional,” she said.

“It’s a memory we’ll all remember forever. It was 
the first time I’d ever met Kirsty as well, it was unbelieveable.”

Kirsty and her new baby are expected to return to her home in Oxford Road over the next couple of days.