1,500 homes in power black-out

MORE than 1,500 homes were hit by a power cut following a fire in an electricity sub-station.

The fire caused problems for homes in the King Oswy and Hart Station areas of Hartlepool, Hart Village and Blackhall in the early hours of yesterday.

A CE Electric spokesman said the properties affected were in Howden Road, Lazenby Road, King Oswy Drive, Speeding Drive, Studland Drive, Verner Road, as well as Otterington Close in Hart, and the Crimdon Park area of Blackhall.

The spokesman said: "The fault came in at 12.30am yesterday and we had staff on site at 12.45am.

"It was found to be rubbish in a sub-station on fire, which damaged some of our equipment.

"We managed to restore the vast majority of supplies by around 3.50am, with four customers without power using generators around 9am."