10 Hartlepool sayings that TV's Judge Rinder might struggle to understand

Judge Robert Rinder struggled to get to grips with the Hartlepool accent - but if he ever came to town there are many more that he may struggle to understand.

Friday, 6th January 2017, 3:31 pm
Updated Monday, 9th January 2017, 12:00 pm
ITV's Judge Rob Rinder.

The barrister was flummoxed when Hartlepool businesswoman Stephanie Aird took her case to his court, appearing on the ITV show.

Judge Rinder was confused by Stephanie’s description of “soggy floor” saying: “Please tell me you mean soggy floor you’re talking about the ground is soggy. Soggy floor is not some Hartlepoolian way of saying ‘I was in a bad mood? “Soggy floor means soggy floor.”

Stephanie Aird as she appears on the Judge Rinder show.

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She also referred to her partner as ‘our lad’ and the judge throught she meant her son.

At one point Judge Rinder said: “I feel like I have died and woken up in the beginning of Billy Elliot.”

But what other terms are there that Judge Rinder woiuld struggle with.

Hartlepool sayings that Judge Rinder might struggle with include:

Stephanie Aird as she appears on the Judge Rinder show.

• Ellish - Very Good.

• Blaked - Drunk.

• Chuddy - Chewing gum.

• Chewin’ - Making aggrevation.

• Bewer - Female.

• I feel shan - I’m embarrassed.

• Spraffin’ - begging or borrowing.

• Spev - Move at speed.

• Doyle, Ding, Rarf - all meaning idiot.

• Bray - Use force.

The owner of Stephanie’s Cafe-Bar-Shoppe, claimed on the show that drag act duo, Nikki Rett and Nikki Teene, owed her £1,350 for damages and loss of earnings, after they damaged a pipe at the premises, which resulted in a water leak and ruined carpet.

She claimed she had lost bookings to use the room for band practice, dance classes and Avon meetings because of the carpet being taken up and not being able to afford to replace it.

The pair counter-claimed saying that Stephanie owed them £270 for a dress and a wig, which was from Las Vagas, which they said was ruined.

After hearing from both sides, Judge Rinder said Nikki and Nikki were responsible for the damage to the pipe and the carpet, but not the loss of potential earnings and Stephanie was responsible for some of the damage to the wig and dress.

After weighing it up, in the end Stephanie was awarded £270 in total.