105 battle it out for seats

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SOME 105 candidates have put their names down to stand in next month’s all-out local elections in Hartlepool.

There are 33 seats up for grabs across 11 wards and the Mail can today reveal the names of all those runners and riders that hope to be elected on Thursday, May 3.

Nominations for the Hartlepool Borough Council local election closed yesterday lunchtime and dozens have put themselves forward.

The Labour and Conservative Groups and the Putting Hartlepool First party have fielded candidates in each of the new wards.

In total, there are 33 Labour candidates, 22 Conservative candidates, 19 Putting Hartlepool First candidates, 11 Liberal Democrat candidates, 11 independents, eight UK Independence Party candidates and one British National Party (BNP) candidate.

Aspiring councillors needed to have their nomination form signed by 10 people on the electoral register within the ward they wanted to represent.

Under the revised arrangements there will be three councillors elected for each of the 11 new wards, with the overall number of councillors reducing from 47 to 33.

From May, the new ward names will be Burn Valley, De Bruce, Fens & Rossmere, Foggy Furze, Hart, Headland & Harbour, Jesmond, Manor House, Rural West, Seaton and Victoria.

The successful candidate with the highest number of votes will be elected for a four-year term until 2016.

The person with the second highest amount of votes will be elected for three years until 2015, and the third highest for two years until May 2014.

The council currently has 47 councillors spread over 17 wards, but that will be slashed come May after the major electoral shake-up by the Local Government Boundary Commission.

The Commission made the recommendations so that each councillor represents roughly the same amount of electors.

Polling day will take place on Thursday, May 3, with stations open across Hartlepool from 7am to 10pm.

People need to be on the electoral register if they want to vote and the deadline for registration is Wednesday, April 18.

For further information call the council’s election team on (01429) 523088.

The formal Statement of Persons Nominated can also be viewed on the council’s website at www.hartlepool.gov.uk by going to the home page and going go to the section headed Elections 2012.

Who is standing in your area?

Burn Valley Ward

Maria Blades, Liberal Democrat;

Jonathan Brash, Labour;

Michael Corrigan, Local Conservatives;

John Coward, Local Conservatives;

Alec Gough, Putting Hartlepool First;

Ged Hall, Labour;

Jean Kennedy, Liberal Democrat;

John Lauderdale, Independent;

Sarah Maness, Labour;

Ray Pocklington, Local Conservatives.

De Bruce Ward

Rosie Allison, Putting Hartlepool First;

Rob Cook, Labour;

Sheila Griffin, Labour;

Suzzi McKenzie, Local Conservatives;

Michelle Plant, Liberal Democrat;

Barry Rayner, Liberal Democrat;

Sylvia Tempest, Labour;

Ronnie Whitlock, UK Independence Party;

Edna Wright, Liberal Democrat.

Fens & Rossmere

Allan Barclay, Labour;

Steve Gibbon, Putting Hartlepool First;

Trisha Lawton, Labour;

Alison Lilley, Putting Hartlepool First;

Geoff Lilley, Putting Hartlepool First;

Mike Ludgate, Local Conservatives;

Ann Marshall, Labour;

Angela McKie, Independent;

Elizabeth Parkinson, Liberal Democrat;

Dave Pascoe, UK Independence Party;

Arthur Preece, Liberal Democrat;

Bill Reeve, Local Conservatives;

Howard Smith, Liberal Democrat;

Helen Wells, Local Conservatives.

Foggy Furze Ward

Christopher Akers-Belcher, Labour;

Fred Corbett, Putting Hartlepool First;

Kevin Cranney, Labour;

Phil Fenn, UK Independence Party;

Dennis Loynes, Local Conservatives;

Pat Rayner, Liberal Democrat;

John Ringwood, Putting Hartlepool First;

Kaylee Sirs, Labour.

Hart Ward

Bob Addison, Independent;

Sandra Allison, Putting Hartlepool First;

Paul Roderick Beck, Labour;

Christine Blakey, Independent;

Moss Boddy, Labour;

Keith Fisher, Independent;

Tom Hind, UK Independence Party;

Shane Moore, Local Conservatives;

David Nin, Independent;

Jean Robinson, Labour.

Headland & Harbour Ward

Jim Ainslie, Labour;

Stephen Allison, Putting Hartlepool First;

Christopher Broadbent, Local Conservatives;

Kate Erskine, Putting Hartlepool First;

Peter Jackson, Labour;

Steve Latimer, Putting Hartlepool First;

Andy Loynes, Local Conservatives;

Robbie Payne, Labour;

David Young, Local Conservatives.

Jesmond Ward

Reuben Atkinson, Local Conservatives;

Keith William Dawkins, Putting Hartlepool First;

Mary Fleet, Labour;

Linda Shields, Labour ;

Stephen Thomas, Labour.

Manor House Ward

Stephen James Akers-Belcher, Labour;

Ronnie Bage, British National Party;

Peter Davis, UK Independence Party;

Marjorie James, Labour;

Mandy Loynes, Local Conservatives;

Elizabeth Smith, Local Conservatives;

Mick Stevens, Putting Hartlepool First;

Jayne Wells, Local Conservatives;

Angie Wilcox: Labour.

Rural West Ward

Les Coverdale, Labour;

Andrew Gough, Putting Hartlepool First;

Brenda Loynes, Local Conservatives;

Mike McKie, Independent;

George Morris, Local Conservatives;

Robert Steel, Labour;

Ken Thompson, Labour;

Ray Wells, Local Conservatives;

Eric Wilson, UK Independence Party.

Seaton Ward

Terry Allen, Putting Hartlepool First;

Kelly Atkinson, Putting Hartlepool First;

Sandra Belcher, Labour;

Cath Hill, Independent;

John Maxwell, Labour;

Jean McKenna, Local Conservatives;

Stuart Shields, Labour;

George Springer, UK Independence Party;

Paul Thompson, Independent;

Mike Turner, Independent.

Victoria Ward

Amanda Campbell, Local Conservatives;

Pamela Hargreaves, Labour;

Kath Hill, UK Independence Party;

Kelvin Mayson, Local Conservatives;

Paul Mitchinson, Putting Hartlepool First;

Carl Richardson, Labour;

Jane Elizabeth Shaw, Independent;

Chris Simmons, Labour;

Maaija Sinclair, Putting Hartlepool First;

Margaret Sneddon, Liberal Democra;t

Barry Keith Thompson, Putting Hartlepool First;

Jim Tighe, Liberal Democrat.