14 things you said about Seaton Carew - and how you think the seafront can be improved

A new funfair, a crazy golf course and somewhere new for a bite to eat.

Monday, 22nd October 2018, 1:47 pm
Updated Monday, 22nd October 2018, 1:53 pm
You've been sharing your thoughts on Seaton Carew - and what could be done to improve what's on offer there.

Residents have come forward with a raft of suggestions for what could be done at Seaton Carew, in response to a reader letter in the Mail which suggested that the area needed an attraction to draw in the crowds. Vote in our poll below to tell us what you would like to see.

What would you like to see in Seaton Carew?

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He argued that people only visit places where there are large attractions to see, such as the tower at Blackpool and the Tommy statue at Seaham - with nothing comparable at Seaton Carew.

While many of you came with suggestions of new things which could be beneficial for the area, just as many of you were quick to defend the seafront, saying that the sea, somewhere to sit and a bag of chips for the walk back to the car were all you needed on a trip there.

Here's what you had to say about Seaton Carew on the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page:

Adrian Paul: "I'm not a Hartlepool chap by blood and only lived here for a few years. I do see tons of potential for this town, but it really is not capitalised on."

Anthony Wookie Wood: "Seaton is screaming out for a pier in my opinion."

Jämes Campbell:"Seaton has huge potential, however, it's massively limited due to a single eyesore building on the front, a nearby landfill and a massive lack of imagination from the local authority."

Cats Elaine: "As a kid and still today I love going for a walk along Seaton, going down on the beach, plodging, looking in rock pools, seeing kids messing about jumping off sand dunes, it’s brilliant fun and me and my family could spend all day at the beach if the weather was half decent, we’d take ball games, swimming cossies, snacks etc, maybe today people need to get back to basics, like enjoying family time and having a laugh with each other rather than constantly having to be entertained by something."

Deni Harrison: "When we were kids we had the funfair, the kids would love one now."

Jämes Campbell: "I think most people would be happy with a clean beach, tidy prom, a nice unspoiled view, preferably with somewhere nice to eat fish and chips and ice cream safe in the knowledge that if they intend to visit by car, they can find a parking space that is well monitored and reasonably priced.

"There's no need for a specific attraction. We have just over two miles of sandy beach, that's relatively sheltered. That's far more than a lot of more popular east coast seaside towns have."

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John Mccaffery: "Bring back the crazy golf course I say it was great."

Heidi Morrison: "There's so much to do down there that doesn't cost a penny! Walks, running (parkrun is there too!), heading out on the bikes, sea-glassing, geocaching, play areas, picnics and more! Too many hone in on negatives rather than celebrating the positives!"

Steve Hart: "Take a drive from Seaham to Tynemouth. Seaton Carew has the same potential if it has lots of money ploughed into it!"

Tomo Thomas: "All you need is a bit of sun, a nice beach, fish and chips when you're hungry and Seaton will fill itself like it has done since Victorian times."

Alex Duxfield: "It is a shame that Seaton has become the way it is today. This could be a great seaside attraction but apart from a few fish and chip shops, the odd amusements and the scenic beach. This is all Seaton has to offer."

Greg Hall: "They have spent a lot of money along the front already which has tidied the area up but unfortunately it won't last, for two reasons. One, the area won't be maintained. Two, the area will be wrecked by mindless disrespectful youths!"

Andrea Vasey: "All I'm going to say is, try and find a car parking space in Seaton Carew when the weather is even remotely pleasant. Then look at chaos which ensues when there is a firework display or any event."

Diane Kidd: "Seaton has a great beach... it could be utilised so much better than it is."