15 things you said about Hartlepool dad attacked by gulls taking his sons out of school

Steve Young is keeping his two sons off school as he fears they will be attacked by a nesting gull.
Steve Young is keeping his two sons off school as he fears they will be attacked by a nesting gull.

Hartlepool dad Steve Young hit the headlines when he kept his two sons off school after he was attacked by a seagull in the playground.

He said he was attacked by one of the birds - which clawed the back of his head - as he was collecting his boys Cobie Dent, five, and Kyle Dent, 10, from Stranton Primary School.

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But the 35-year-old, of Wansbeck Gardens, Hartlepool, didn't get a lot of sympathy from Mail readers - many of whom thought he had brought the problem on himself.

Steve Young with his son Cobie.

Steve Young with his son Cobie.

Here's a selection of your comments.

Victoria Robson: "My kids go to this school and we have witnessed him hitting it with umbrellas and book bags so I'm not surprised it attacks him. The bird does sweep down but normally it only poos on heads."

Katherine Anne Jones: "If he had left the birds alone in the first place they wouldn't have been so aggressive. Common sense says avoid the area like everyone else, but he doesn't!"

Laura Watson: "The area was cordoned off, the pupils had been advised not to go near. They are wild birds...what does he want the school to do...go out with a shotgun and shoot them?"

Paul Whitlock: "Attacked by gulls? OMG!! Whats wrong with people! Some places have leopards, some have bears, some have monkeys as problem animals. Some people in this country are truly pathetic, Gulls aren't dangerous they can be chased off dead easily."

Stephanie Dent: "This bird has gone for other parents and children before it attacked Steve. How can you avoid it when it flies and swoops down at you?"

Kirsty Taylor: "Seagulls nesting there have always been common - happened when I went to school there and they were never a danger to the children and no one got hurt. So they're nesting in an inconvenient place? Like the school have said, give them a wide berth and just ignore them. Obviously they saw you as a threat - as you would if you thought your children were in danger. All animals have their protective instincts."

Paul Williamson: "I don't think wild animals should be allowed to nest at schools. Get the pros in to remove the bird(s) and rehome them. If, for whatever reason, a child lost an eye from this bird, it would be a different story. Health and safety should be paramount in this case. If it can't be moved, then securely fence the area off."

Kelly Fisk: "Just been there to collect me two youngest from nursery and the school have taped off a larger section around the birds, but they are still attacking. Went for two different dads while I was there."

Mark Moore: "Gulls can be extremely aggressive. The aggression is usually caused by a number of factors, including nesting and competition for food. I would guess with this being near a school, the gulls are used to picking up the detritus from the school kids, and I'm guessing the kids even feed the birds. I see people on the Headland getting dive-bombed all the time, but that's only because people sit and feed the birds fish and chips. There's a simple solution - don't feed gulls!"

Nadine Allison: "Wondered how long it would be before someone took it to the papers! The school have done all they can, they are easily avoided by walking round to the main entrance to take your child to school. Two of my children go to this school and haven't yet had a problem with them. Yes, they are intimidating, but if you leave them then they will leave you. Unless they feel threatened they won't attack."

Stacey Cameron: "You want to live on the Headland. This is a daily occurrence! They swoop at everyone this time of year - you need body armour to leave the house!"

Carly Robson: "Shame on you for actually taking this to the papers. The school has done everything it can to try and get this nest moved but it's out of its hands. Children have not been attacked during the school day, as the teachers are keeping them away. It's common sense that any parent will protect their young."

Victoria Cannell: "Living on the Headland surrounded buy these horrid things I know where you are all coming from. You only have to walk out in garden or to the car, minding your own business, and you get bombed by them. We need a cull throughout the town, as they are getting a problem now. "

Sandra Wilson: "You choose to live in a town by the sea - what do you expect?"

Big King Bilk commented on our website: "So you can't take your kids out of school for a week to take them on holiday and have the craic, but you can take them out of school because you're scared of seagulls? Sound."