17 things you said about Hartlepool United’s new crest

The new Hartlepool United club crest.
The new Hartlepool United club crest.

Pools fans have given a mixed reaction to the club‘s new crest.

Hartlepool UNited unveiled the new crest with a new design centred on a stag as the main image while the team’s name and “1908”, the year of the club’s creation, is also included.

Fans have reacted to the change on the Mail’s Facebook page.

David Hooks said: “Yawwwwnnnnnnn. Like the centre with the stag and water but the text and the outer edge looks like a dinner plate from a collection my nanna used to have. :-/>”

David Ian Borhwick wrote: “Does not look like a football badge.”

Darren James commented: “Yeah, that’s dreadful.”

Tim Brown said: “I don’t mind it in blue.”

Max Chris stated: “There was nothing wrong with the old badge.”

Juli Simons said: “Looks like the council badge. Lacks originality to me I’m afraid.”

Jan Lyver said: “Boring! drab!”

Carol Burton commented: “Why change something that’s not broken, there’s nothing wrong with the old logo.”

Karen Brackstone said: “I like it much better than the wheel.”

Lee Kennedy stated: “I agree that a rebrand is long overdue and can hopefully give the team a winning identity. But this design is very poor.”

Richie Bate wrote: “Looks like the council have designed it, absolutely shocking.”

Wayne Teal said: “Awful looks like a 1970s council badge.”

John Foster wrote: “Should be on side of. A taxi. Keep. Old one please.”

Vicky Snelson commented: “It’s awful.”

Brian Hart said: “Keep the old one please.”

Alexandra Kelsey O’keefe said: “Looks like something for Boy Scouts, it’s so boring.”

Teresa Driver wrote: “A bit bland.”

A club spokesman said the club has had several crests over the years and the old one “causes challenges”.

The spokesman said: “Our Ship’s Wheel crest’s intricate design makes it impractical to use, particularly at small sizes.

“It was designed in 1995 before digital and social media became the norm and does not replicate well in many online media and printed items.

“It’s difficult and expensive to produce and the original design is misaligned.

“There has also always been confusion and disagreement over the prominence of the Ship’s Wheel in representing Hartlepool United. The wheel was a new addition to the badge in 1995 and many feel that it does not represent the heritage of the Club.”