17,000 reasons to remember a Hartlepool wine bar

A great bar and a fantastic restaurant upstairs.

Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 1:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th January 2017, 1:21 pm
Visions in Hartlepool.

That was your thoughts on this photograph which we posted online of Visions bar – a popular spot in Hartlepool in the 1980s.

We asked readers on social media for their memories of the venue, which stood on York Road.

An inside view

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More than 17,000 of you spotted the story, and dozens of you had something to say.

Tony Lupton led the way, and remembered it was positioned opposite another town centre favourite, Oscars.

He praised Visions and said: “What a good bar it was, always packed over the weekend.”

But Tony said the town scene had changed over the years, and added: “It’s a shame the town’s nightlife has totally disappeared.”

An inside view

Lots of you also remembered the restaurant upstairs and most reckoned it was called Valentino’s.

Anne Butler, Sharon Weldrake and Geoff Corbett all remembered it while Jayne Gray said: “Used to head up to Valentino’s for carbonara at the end of the night. Saleem ran the restaurant. Good old Friday nights!”

Diane Liddle asked: “Is it the old Rios on York Road? Then I had a few pints in there over the years.”

Joanne Ghaut simply posted: “Memories xx,” while Shirley Carter said: “Yes, I remember”.

And Lizzy Hayes said: “Yep, went in there a few times.”

Kevin Hodgson believed it was a Rumbelows television shop in the days before it became a wine bar and restaurant. So did Gwyneth Ferries.

Mark Andrew Jones agreed: “Yes, it was Rumbelows shop Kevin, before becoming Visions. Got my first tape recorder from there back in 1982. Lol.”

Can anyone else shed light on the history of the building? Email [email protected]

Kenny Thompson looked at the wider picture and said: “I remember it very well, look at Sportsworld next to it too!”

Jane Hodges admitted she missed those days in Visions, while Julie Walker said: “Had my 18th birthday meal upstairs many moons ago.”

Tito Mark reflected: “Hahaha my first chef’s job ...omg” while Thomas Reece asked; “Is that building next to it the Co-op?”

Who can tell us more?

Mel Wilson agreed: “Happy memories here”, and Nicola Anderson Jones commented: “Loved it! X”

Karen McCall said: “Spent lots of bank holiday Mondays in here eating pizza when the pubs shut at tea time ... waiting for them to re-open at 7pm.”

Janet Harris stepped back even further in time and reminded us: “This was Jackson and Dunn’s Hardware Shop when I was little in the 1940s.

“Loved going in there with mam to buy grease solvent for dad’s hands, to get the grime of the shipyards off.”

Marie Harris said: “I remember it like yesterday xx.”

And another to fill in the history was Tony Armstrong, who said the building was Bruce Moore’s store before it became Rumbelows.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the post.