18 things you said about Hartlepool's flower displays

Picture by Anthony Bate.
Picture by Anthony Bate.

A seed planting programme launched by Hartlepool Borough Council two years ago has painted a colourful pictures on the routes in and out of the town.

But what do you think of when you look at the wildflower meadows, which this year have been extended to a variety of locations for the summer season.

The flowers. Picture: Anthony Bate.

The flowers. Picture: Anthony Bate.

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Praise has been pouring in for the scheme, which many say has brightened up the town.

Here's what you had to say on social media.

Mark Moore: "They are great. Why would native flowers be anything but good? Everyone should have a meadow."

The colourful display in Hartlepool.

The colourful display in Hartlepool.

Andrea Squires: "Who in their right mind wouldn't think they were a good idea?! How many warnings are there out there that bees are in rapid decline? This is great for them. Every town and city should do this. Oh and there is also the fact that they look beautiful."

Steven Evans: "They should be put everywhere. Something to brighten the town up. I like them."

June Chaytor: "I love them, they are a delight. Well done Hartlepool."

Jackie Callander: "They are a joy to behold, I love coming into Hartlepool and seeing them."

Melanie Allen: "They are beautiful and good for our bees."

Sarah Dickenson: "They look gorgeous, so pretty and much needed colour on our often grey days."

Elsie Dodsworth: "It's a wonderful idea makes me smile every time I pass them."

Claire Hall: "They look beautiful! Came to Hartlepool at the weekend and they brightened up the journey."

Kaylee Lennon: "Why would it not be a good idea? It's beautiful and surely it's having a positive affect on the bee and insect population?"

Anita Sewell: "A brilliant idea. Brightens up the day whilst helping the wildlife. What's not to like."

Danny Braham: "They are one of the only sources of beauty the town has."

Stu White: "Children don't see enough of nature, this makes them open their eyes, sowing the seeds of love."

David Bone: "Cheers the heart. Wonderful colours and the flowers are wild. My favourite thing about the Summer in Hartlepool. Love them."

Frank Campbell: "Can't think of any other idea this council had that was good. Top marks for the wild flower show."

Jan Lock: "We came from Somerset to Hartlepool and we were extremely impressed with the beautiful meadow flowers on the verges. What a brilliant idea. They are a joy to see the people of Hartlepool should be very proud of it."

Dave Bishop: "A brilliant idea! All councils should follow Hartlepool's example."

David Ibinson: "They should be compulsory for all councils nationally. They provide a great habitat for wildlife and reduce the need for cutting. A win win."