20mph plan for Hartlepool Headland

Allan Barclay
Allan Barclay

HARTLEPOOL councillors have agreed plans to make the whole of the Headland a 20mph zone for motorists after a positive consultation.

Hartlepool Borough Council is reducing the speed limit on the Headland from 30mph to 20mph after a decision by the authorities neighbourhood services committee.

Councillors endorsed the plans which came after a request from the Headland Parish Council.

Parish council members had asked for the area to be considered for a 20mph zone and that has now been agreed, at a total cost of £1,000.

Once the statutory notices have been placed then the signs will be erected next year, with signs at the entrance to the Headland but also repeat signs throughout the area.

Alastair Smith, the council’s assistant director of neighbourhoods, presented the report to the committee members.

Mr Smith said: “Following requests from the parish council, a consultation took place with residents and businesses regarding the potential implementation of a 20mph speed restriction covering the whole of the Headland.

“Concerns had been expressed about speeding motorists, particularly those using Northgate and Durham Street.”

As well as letters being sent out there was also a public drop-in session and officers said from a total of 1,600 consultation letters, 395 replies were received with 255 in favour and 140 against.

Mr Smith told the committee that some residents had called for traffic calming measures as well such as speed bumps but other residents were just in favour of lowering the speed limit.

The total cost of the scheme is £1,000 and it is being funded through the department’s Local Transport budget.

Transport officers had recommended that the scheme should be approved.

A report to the meeting added: “The scheme would improve road safety and encourage slower speeds throughout the Headland.”

Labour councillor Allan Barclay said: “I was on the scrutiny forum that looked at the 20mph issue previously and I think this is one of the areas that should be implemented.

“I welcome it.”

Labour councillor Jim Ainslie, also chair of the Headland Parish Council, has previously welcomed the plans.