£25,000 to be spent to slow traffic in two Hartlepool streets

General view of Thackeray Road in Hartlepool.
General view of Thackeray Road in Hartlepool.

Measures costing £25,000 to encourage motorists to put the brakes on have been approved for two Hartlepool streets.

Thackeray Road, in Rift House, Hartlepool, and nearby Wordsworth Avenue, are to get new 20mph speed limits and a number of speed humps.

Hartlepool Borough Council officers say it is in response to concerns from residents about the speed of traffic and road safety.

The Thackeray Road scheme will see new signs installed, reducing the limit from 30mph now to 20mph.

A series of six road humps will also be installed along the road, which is connected to Masefield Road in a loop.

Three households suggested making the road a one-way street. The council said it would consider such a move in future if problems still remained.

Alastair Smith, assistant director (neighbourhoods), said: “The road humps will complement the reduced speed limit and ensure the limit is self- enforcing.”

A total of 94 letters about the proposed changed were sent to all households in Thackeray Road and Pope Grove.

Just nine replied, with all saying they supported the scheme. The area’s ward councillors also supported the work.

A similar scheme costing £10,000 will be installed in Wordsworth Avenue, where the limit will again be reduced from 30mph to 20mph and four speed humps added in the road.

Both schemes were approved by the council’s Neighbourhood Services Committee.

They will be funded through the authority’s Local Transport budget.