‘2am closing could lead to job losses’

Richard Sewell
Richard Sewell

PUB chiefs say there is some support for 2am closing but warned it could lead to job losses.

Hartlepool Licensees Association chairman Richard Sewell said some owners have designed their businesses around late closing and can not afford to suddenly go back to 2am.

He said any changes must be carefully thought out.

Mr Sewell said: “I don’t think it has worked for anyone and everybody is aware of that.

“But it is the government that brought it in and that is why these licences have been granted.

“There is support as such but it depends how they do it.

“People could lose their jobs if it goes back to 2am because the ones that are making money after 2am won’t be making that money anymore.”

Mr Sewell added: “There has been a culture change in recent years but that is the culture that has been brought in.

“What with cheap alcohol in supermarkets people are not going out as much and instead staying at home drinking.

“When they do go out later on they are not spending as much.

“Pubs are closing all the time and everybody is struggling.”

Hartlepool Licensees Association is also a member of the national Pubwatch scheme.

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