48 hours without sleep – Hartlepool charity challenge will fight fatigue and raise cash

Dawn and Ian Mc Manus pictured outside the new Red Dreams premises.
Dawn and Ian Mc Manus pictured outside the new Red Dreams premises.

IT’S tiring just to think about it.

But that hasn’t stopped charity members from pledging to fight their heavy eyes and stay awake for 48 hours to raise cash.

Hartlepool performing arts charity Red Dreams has organised wake-a-thons in the past – and declared them a success.

So it’s no surprise to see the charity’s founders, Ian and Dawn McManus, both 43, ensure the popular fundraiser is on the agenda again.

The dates have been set, from Friday, July 25, to Sunday, July 27, and those willing to fight the fatigue for two days are already signing up.

With dozens of band members and musicians, 18 members of staff and around 20 apprentices, one thing the fundraisers won’t be short of is company.

This year Ian and Dawn have revealed they are on the lookout for businesses who are willing to sponsor the charity’s apprentices who are taking part.

Red Dreams has a number of apprentices on the books, aged between 16 and 22, who are learning to develop various skills with the charity including film making and light and sound technology.

Ian, who set up the talent nurturing charity with Dawn after the tragic death of their 16-year-old son, Kyle, who suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2007, said: “Our wake-a-thons in the past have gone really well, they’ve been really good fun.

“But this year, so we can try and raise as much money for the charity as possible, we thought we would ask local businesses to sponsor our apprentices who are taking part.”

The fundraisers certainly won’t be short of activities to keep their minds alert during the 48 sleepless hours.

The charity’s bands and musicians will be performing throughout, games will constantly be on the go and the full thing will be streamed live online.

Ian added: “That’s the most important thing really, to make sure we have plenty organised to keep everyone’s minds active and to keep us all busy.

“The entertainment won’t stop throughout the 48 hours, we’ve already got plans and ideas and it’s still six months away.”

Despite that entertainment to help the fundraisers through the 48 hours, Ian has took part in the wake-a-thons in the past and admitted it is tough.

“First thing on a morning is when it’s most difficult but the last hour is really tough,” he said.

“I think it’s because you know you are so close to completing the challenge and being able to go to sleep but you have to last out that last little bit.”

The charity is hoping the challenge raises at least £1,000. Any businesses who wish to sponsor the apprentices in this year’s wake-a-thon should call Dawn and Ian on 07851 907691.