£50,000 boost to brighten up the community

COUNCILLORS are being urged to approve plans to spend almost £50,000 on a range of community schemes.

Road safety improvements, a scheme to paint 80 homes to make a street look better and programmes to alleviate parking and anti-social behaviour problems have been outlined for cash from Hartlepool Borough Council.

A traffic safety scheme is proposed for South Parade, Hartlepool, among a range of applications totalling £46,847 to the council’s Central Neighbourhood Consultative Forum Minor Works Budget.

A report due to be discussed at a meeting of the forum said: “A number of accidents have occurred with vehicles failing to stop when approaching the South Parade/Sydenham Road junction, resulting in damage to parked vehicles and the adjacent properties.

“A series of road humps are proposed for the section of South Parade between Oxford Street and Sydenham Road in a programme costing a total of £15,000.

“The council’s highways department will contribute £10,000 to the scheme and the forum is asked to approve the remainder of the funding to enable the scheme to go ahead.”

A house painting scheme in Sheriff Street has been proposed after concerns were raised by residents about the general appearance of the street.

The report added: “The proposed project will improve the appearance of 80 properties in Sheriff Street, both owner occupied and privately rented.

“On each property the front door and window sills (both floors) will be prepared, primed, undercoated and glossed to provide a facelift to the property and improve the overall appearance of the streetscape.

“This project will complement the new development at Trinity Court and the environmental improvements implemented in this area over recent years.”

The total cost is £7,020 and the forum is asked to agree this funding in principle to enable the scheme to go ahead on the understanding that efforts are made to lever in match funding for the project.

Other proposals include a £5,000 Waldon Street traffic management scheme, £5,278 improvements to a bin store in Dalton Street, £6,000 on dropped crossing on the Burbank Estate and £5,000 on lighting improvements in Park Avenue.

The schemes will be discussed at a meeting at the civic centre on October 20.