£800k flood pipe work under way

Work starts on the replacement of the overflow pipe near to Newburn Bridge
Work starts on the replacement of the overflow pipe near to Newburn Bridge

AN overflow pipe that runs into the sea is being replaced as part of an £800,000 scheme to prevent flooding.

Northumbrian Water, which runs the sewer network in Hartlepool, is replacing around 180ft of an overflow pipe that runs from the beach near Seaton Carew promenade into the sea.

The pipe is around 800ft long in total and the work will see several ageing sections replaced, along with the timber supports that shore up the pipe.

The scheme, being carried out on the pipe near to Newburn Bridge, is expected to last around three months and will cost £835,000 to complete.

Water bosses say the pipe is vital to prevent homes and businesses in Seaton Carew being flooded when it rains heavily.

It acts as an overflow for the sewer network and allows rainwater to be channelled into the sea.

Northumbrian Water said the process is approved by the Environment Agency, the Government’s watchdog that protects the environment.

Bosses say they are carrying out the work at this time of year because they have to consider migrating birds that have flown from their nesting grounds and will not be affected.

A Northumbrian Water spokeswoman said: “It is around 800ft long and and the work is not just in one section, it is on smaller sections totalling around 180ft.

“As well as the pipe it is supported by timber supports and that needs to be replaced as well.

“The work will be carried out when the tide is out and the work is expected to be completed in November.”