840 potholes patched up

COUNCIL workers have repaired more than 800 potholes in around seven weeks as they battle to win back Hartlepool’s roads.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s specialist pothole team has repaired 10,764 sq ft of the town’s road network since the start of last month.

Council chiefs say it equates to around 840 potholes having been repaired in the town since the new year.

Mike Blair, the council’s highways, traffic and transport manager, said workers are working hard to tackle the backlog of potholes that have appeared in the town after the harsh winter weather last year.

It comes after the Government announced it is giving £100m to councils nationwide to deal with a rise in potholes.

The AA has backed the Mail’s Plot the Pots campaign and urged people to join in.

The Mail has launched an online map that gives people the chance to plot where they have seen potholes that need action.

Potholes are caused when water gets into cracks in the surface of roads, before it freezes and expands, causing them to crumble away when they are driven over.

Mr Blair has vowed to send out experts to look at the roads highlighted by Mail readers and any potholes that are found to measure at least an inch-and-a-half deep and a foot long are aimed to be repaired within 24 hours.

Council chiefs have a target that any other potholes are repaired within 28 days.

The council has a patching squad that works solely on repairing potholes five-days-a-week and bosses say they are constantly working on repairs that cost the authority £300,000 last year.

Mr Blair said: “We are continuing to address the backlog of repairs as quickly as we can and would encourage residents to report any defects to the council.”

People can ring Hartlepool Connect on (01429) 523333, leaving details of the exact location to enable inspectors to be able to find it and arrange for it to be repaired.