£90 fine because disabled badge was wrong way round

Mr McGibbin with the ticket
Mr McGibbin with the ticket

A CANCER patient was slapped with a £90 parking ticket after displaying his disability badge the wrong way round.

 James McGibbon, 56, who is battling lung cancer, was issued with the parking notice on Hartlepool Marina where he and his wife Sheena had enjoyed lunch with friends.

The ticket the right way round

The ticket the right way round

Mr McGibbon was using his recently-issued blue disability badge for the first time and it was on display on the windscreen.

But the parking officer said it should have shown the side that features the expiry date, not the other one that showed Mr McGibbon’s photograph.

The couple challenged the parking officer when they returned to their car and showed him the badge was valid, but the fine stood.

Parking bosses from LDK, the firm that issued the penalty notice, have agreed to cancel the penalty if James provides a full copy of his blue badge.

But Mr and Mrs McGibbon say it should never have been issued in the first place. Mr McGibbon said: “I think it’s pathetic when there was a blue badge on display in the car and we were parked in the proper place.

“I don’t know how these ticket wardens sleep at night.

“I displayed it in all good faith. I wasn’t expecting all this hassle.”

Mr McGibbon, a former construction worker, of Bishop Cuthbert, Hartlepool, had been issued with his badge a week ago.

He used it for the first time when he parked the black Ford Focus on Navigation Point on Wednesday lunchtime.

Mrs McGibbon, 55, a housewife, said: “I’m disgusted. The ticket inspector could see it was a disabled badge.”

LDK said the ticket could not be cancelled on the spot as it had been issued before Mr and Mrs McGibbon returned to the car.

A spokesman said: “The ticket was issued before they came back to the vehicle.

“The officer explained he couldn’t cancel it after it had been issued.

“All they have got to do is write to us and we will look at it. There is no problems with it as long as the badge is verified.”