A busy time for fire crews

FIREFIGHTERS were kept busy with a series of rubbish fires.

A crew from Stranton Fire Station were called to Joes Skip Hire, in Brenda Road, Hartlepool, to reports of a skip on fire.

The incident took place around 4.40pm on Friday and firefighters spent 15 minutes at the scene.

Firefighters from the station were later called to some bushes that were alight in Mainsforth Terrace, around 9.25pm.

One crew attended and spent 10 minutes at the scene.

A crew was sent to Kintra Road around 10.30pm, to a report of a bin on fire, and spent five minutes in attendance.

Firefighters were sent to Summerhill Visitor Centre at 11.30pm after a smoke alarm went off.

Fire chiefs said there had been a fault, and firefighters reset the system.