A canny work of art says TV guru

The can house Raby Road..
The can house Raby Road..

IT draws the attention of passers-by – and now Hartlepool’s ‘can house’ has caught the eye of a television personality on Twitter.

The house, in Raby Road, has become well-known across the town since owner Philip Muspratt, decided to use empty beer cans to literally give his home a lager top.

But thanks to Twitter, the work-of-art has now been the subject of admiring glances across the internet.

BBC television presenter Alys Fowler spotted a photo of the house on an online blog and retweeted it to her 10,767 followers.

The former presenter of the long-running TV programme Gardeners’ World who also has two books to her name, described the can-covered house as “strangely moving”.

Alys, who was also presenter of BBC series The Edible Garden – a.k.a. A Home-Grown Life, said the house was an example of “outside art”.

The television presenter also has her work published in newspapers and magazines across the country.

It isn’t just the house which Philip decorated with the empty cans.

He also used them to design features out of ornamental fountains and a barbecue and fixed glass bottles to the side of his home to create a large cross.

Philip made sure the cans weren’t moving anywhere by using a waterproof adhesive to hold them in place.

And this isn’t the first time the house has caught the attention of people out of Hartlepool.

Philip previously told the Mail that tourists from America had asked whether the house had set any sort of world record and a Facebook page has also been set up in honour of the house.

Philip , 60, said: “Quite a lot of people have commented on the house. I never thought I would get this response when I started off.”