A chance to help shape the future

PEOPLE from all walks of life are being urged to get involved in a new residents’ association to help shape an area’s future.

The Hartlepool Heritage Residents’ Association is set to launch later this month and will represent people living on the Headland.

Greg Purcell, who is behind the plans, wants to see as many people as possible attend a meeting this month.

It will be the only residents’ association representing people in that part of town.

Mr Purcell, a married dad-of-two, said: “People have tried to set up a residents’ association in the past but they have not gained momentum.

“There is a lot of passion here and we want to bring that together through this new association.

“It is about improving the area and playing an active part by being a registered stakeholder during the decision making process.”

He added: “This is a great opportunity for people to get involved and help shape the area’s future.”

The 52-year-old, who lives on the Town Wall, runs a consultancy business and is married to Julie, 48.

The couple have two children, Jack, 13, and Harry, 11.

Mr Purcell said there are a number of hot topics on the Headland including plans for sea defences, the state of the Heugh Breakwater and the Fish Sands.

But he said the Headland has a lot of character and sites of interest.

The Headland is part of the Headland and Harbour ward on Hartlepool Borough Council, along with Hartlepool Marina and parts of the town centre.

The prime focus of the new association is the Headland but organisers say they see no reason why other parts of the ward cannot be represented.

The first meeting of the Hartlepool Heritage Residents’ Association is due to take place on Monday, June 18, inside the Croft Room at the Borough Hall on the Headland, from 7pm.​

It is an open invite and one of the first tasks will be to choose a committee and agree the draft constitution.

Anyone who wants more information should call Mr Purcell on 07983 431992.

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