Grace Boddy.
Grace Boddy.

TOUGH cookie Grace Boddy is set to spend her school holidays with pots on both arms after breaking her wrists in a freak accident during a family day out.

Most youngsters would be down in the dumps if they found themselves with a pot on each arm – but brave Grace isn’t going to let it ruin her time off school.

Grace Boddy

Grace Boddy

The pupils at Fens Primary School, Hartlepool, got the stroke of luck she deserves when she found out she would be getting both pots removed the day before a family holiday to Cyprus.

A day out at Preston Park, in Stockton, ended up in tears after Grace fell from some monkey bars and landed on her wrists last Sunday.

Despite the accident Grace didn’t complain about the pain and remarkably went back to school the next day.

But the following morning Grace said the pain was a lot worse and after a visit to One Life Hartlepool she discovered she had suffered a fracture in both wrists and would require plaster on both arms.

“We couldn’t believe it,” said her mum, Claire, 32, a teaching assistant at Greatham Primary School.

“The first thing we thought about when they told us was the summer holidays.

“There’s no good time for something like this to happen, but this is probably the worst.

“She had been into school on the Monday and her teacher had told us she had been no trouble whatsoever.”

Grace hasn’t let the injury get her down and Claire says she hasn’t complained once.

After getting her plaster put on on Tuesday, she was back at school on Thursday for the final two days of the summer term.

“She loves school and she really wanted to go in for the last two days to see her friends and her teacher Ms Low,” added Claire who lives in the Seaton lane area of town with her husband Richard, 32, who works off shore as an electrical engineer and the couple’s other child, Zac, two.

“She hasn’t complained about it at all and her teacher said she has been an absolute star.

“She won’t be able to play out with her friends for the next few weeks but when the doctor told her she was going to get her pots off the day before we go on holiday her face lit up, she was so happy.”