A great boost thanks to diners in the dark

TUCK IN Diners get to enjoy their meal
TUCK IN Diners get to enjoy their meal

CHARITY champions were kept in the dark during a unique event set up to give them an idea of the challenges faced by the people they were supporting.

The Seaton Carew and Hartlepool Branch of Guide Dogs (UK) set up the Dine in the Dark event at Krimo’s, on Hartlepool Marina, last week.

 Diners were led to their table before being blindfolded and left to negotiate their way through the meal without being able to see anything in front of them.

 Katrina Thompson, who organised the event, said: “It was a fun night, but with a serious message and everyone who took part got to sample an insight into the life of a guide dog owner by experiencing just one of the issues they face on a daily basis.”

 “We’d like to say a huge thank you to Krimo’s restaurant for hosting our event, and to everyone who came along to support us.”

Katrina had praise as well for the people who ate in the dark.

“The diners were true heroes and we hope they will be talking about their experience for a long time to come!

 “They not only ate their meal, but went to the bar, out for a cigarette and the toilet, all blindfolded and assisted by a volunteer. The atmosphere was fantastic and once blindfolded, everybody was determined to experience it in full.

 “We did what we set out to do and made people aware of what life is like for people with sight impairment or blindness. Eating is something we do instinctively when we can see.

 “But take away the eyes and how do you know what’s in front of you, where to put the knife or fork, where is the bread, the vegetables, how much salt am I pouring and is it going on my food?

 “Many people didn’t realise what obstacles they would face without sight. But like true heroes they faced them.”

 After the event, the diners were entertained at the Camerons Club, where folk duo John and Joy performed.

 They were followed by local band Shoot the Poet who put on an impressive set of cover versions from the likes of James and Maroon 5 as well as some of their own material.

 Games of bingo and a raffle helped boost the charity coffers further.

 Those wanting more information about the charity should visit their Facebook page by searching Guide Dogs Seaton Carew Hartlepool.