A ground-breaking approach to our future

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THE chairman of the regional councils association has described NEvolution as a ground-breaking approach to clinching a better future for the North-East.

The comments came from Paul Watson, the chairman of the Association of North East Councils.

He said the decision by local authorities to get behind the NEvolution campaign was testament to the importance they attach to the opportunity presented by the Spending Review to devolve greater powers, freedoms, flexibilities and funding to local areas to help grow their local economies.

He said: “The NEvolution campaign is a unique and ground-breaking approach that celebrates the great things we have achieved across the whole of the North-East, and makes the case for this area of the country to the Government.

“We are a capable, constructive collection of people in this part of the world. We know our strengths, we know the areas in which we need extra support, and, with the help of Government, we believe that we can make things even better, and grow our economies and the UK economy. We believe if we are given the power and financial wherewithal, we can make this area even more prosperous.”