A man whose clothes sparked a sea rescue has been found safe and well

Hartlepool RNLI being launched for the search.
Hartlepool RNLI being launched for the search.

A man has come forward after his clothes found on the beach launched a sea rescue.

The sea off East Durham was searched yesterday after a bundle of clothes were found on the beach at Seaham.

Hartlepool RNLI inshore lifeboat launched at about 11am and Durham Constabulary appealed for anyone who could identify the clothing to come forward.

After seeing the appeal, a man came forward later in the afternoon saying he had accidentally left the clothes when he changed outfits to get into his boat.

A spokesman for Durham Police, said: "He had changed clothes to go on a fishing trip in his boat and accidently left his other clothes on the beach.

"He was very apologetic for any inconvenience it had caused."

The RNLI searched for about an hour before being stood down by Humber Coastguard.