A message of hope from brave Klaudia

Klaudia Robinson
Klaudia Robinson

A BRAVE schoolgirl who successfully battled cancer is hoping to inspire others in their fight against the disease.

Klaudia Robinson, 11, has featured regularly in the Mail as she underwent intricate surgery to remove a huge cancerous tumour that weighed a kilogram and was six inches long.

Klaudia’s story came to the attention of the organisers of the Race for Life, an annual event run by Cancer Research UK which sees thousands of women take to the roads to raise funds for victims of the disease.

And as a tribute to her courage, bosses have asked Klaudia to be the guest of honour when the race gets underway at Seaton Carew seafront in June.

The courageous youngster is now well on the way to recovery, and hopes her success story will help others in their battles with cancer.

Klaudia, who will run the race with proud mum Karen, 36, and big sister Kensey, 13, penned a quick note to the Mail after hearing about her special invitation.

Her short but touching message said simply: “I won my battle with cancer, now I’d like to help others.”

The race takes place at Seaton Carew on June 5, and more information is available at www.raceforlife.org or by calling 0871 6411111.