A miserable start to Hartlepool's summer... but things are looking up

This is June 1 in Hartlepool... really
This is June 1 in Hartlepool... really

Windy, grey, cold and wet. This hasn't been the start of summer we were hoping for.

It's felt more like October than June in Hartlepool, but things are set to improve.

Seaton Carew has been quiet due to the bad weather

Seaton Carew has been quiet due to the bad weather

These photos show how the half-term holidays haven't been blessed with beach weather.

Our beaches have been quiet as gusts have been sweeping in rain off the North Sea and temperatures have struggled to stay in double figures during the day.

It's been a case of an East-West divide as the Lake District, Ireland and the South West have enjoyed summery conditions with thermometers hitting 20C.

Things are improving, however, as temperatures creep up to the high teens and sunny spells are expected to arrive at the weekend.

But we'll have to deal with more showers in the meantime.

The Met Office forecast for Hartlepool states:


A cloudy start to the day with some patchy drizzle, especially on the hills. It will slowly brighten up from the west with some sunny spells developing, although coastal areas may stay rather cool and cloudy. Maximum Temperature 13 °C.


Cloud will thicken more generally from the east overnight, bringing some patchy fog across the Cheviots and Pennines, but most parts should stay dry. Minimum Temperature 6 °C.


Mostly cloudy on Friday with some showery rain spreading from the east during the morning, and becoming misty in coastal areas by evening. Maximum Temperature 15 °C.

Outlook for Saturday to Monday:

Any showers soon clearing to bright or sunny spells on Saturday. Cloudy and misty at times near the coast on Sunday and Monday, but mainly dry and bright elsewhere.