A très bon trip to Paris is on way for Maughan dancers

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DISNEYLAND beckons for the talented youngsters at a dance school after they were chosen to perform on a prestigious stage.

The students of the Maughan School of Dance, in Hartlepool, are bound for Paris once more after successfully coming through auditions.

Now, the process is under way to raise the money to send the full team of dancers to the experience of a lifetime in France.

The school’s assistant choreographer Sarah Tozer said: “The pupils are so excited to go.”

“We have got through the audition process to perform at Euro Disney again in November.”

Plenty of preparation has gone on to get the students to this stage, said Sarah.

“We’ve been doing lots of fund raising within the school over the last year including fun days, bag collections, sponsored events and lots more. We are currently working on the two shows that will be performed in a Disney theatre.”

The Maughan dancers are no strangers to the big stage. Last year, they successfully got through the process of qualifying for the Disneyland stage and Sarah explained how it worked.

“We do the audition and we have to send a DVD of the children performing to EuroDisney as well as photographs.

“Then they decide if we have got through the process.”

The school caters for children aged 18 months and over, but the EuroDisney performance is only available to children aged at least five.

The Maughan School of Dance has been running for around 30 years and sessions are held at the Scout Centre, in Brierton Lane, Hartlepool, and the East Avenue Community Hall, in Billingham.

Dance classes in Hartlepool are held between 4pm and 6pm on Mondays and Fridays, while classes in Bilingham take place on Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm, and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

In 2011, the Maughan dancers also got to Paris where the stage performance is a chance for amateur groups from across the world see what it’s like to be a Disney performer.

The girls performed two half-hour dance routines and they also got access to the cast member areas and backstage.