A year packed with miracles for Callum Smith

BRAVE little fighter Callum Smith is all set to be Christened in the latest milestone as he continues his recovery.

On the anniversary of a Hartlepool Mail campaign to help the little two-year-old, his mum Zoe Neesam told how Callum is continuing to defy the odds - and that’s partly down to the help of our readers.

Zoe Neesam and partner Luke Smith with Callum.

Zoe Neesam and partner Luke Smith with Callum.

This time last year, we launched the Callum’s Dream appeal.

We asked our readers to help raise £5,000 so Callum could have a sensory room at his home in Laird Road, Hartlepool. You succeeded and then went on to raise almost three times the initial target.

The appeal reached £14,000 and now Callum is developing well, partly thanks to his sensory room filled with awe-inspiring facilities such as a globe, a moulded chair, and sensory lights.

Zoe, 22, said Callum spent nine months in hospital during 2013. She added: “This year has been completely different. He has not been in hospital since April.”

At one point last year, Callum spent 12 weeks in intensive care when his lung collapsed. Doctors advised his parents to have him Christened in case his days were numbered. He suffers from a string of conditions including epilepsy, dystonia and hypertonia and needs to be fed through a tube in his stomach.

His recovery has been remarkable and Zoe puts that down partly to the sensory room.

She said: “His last birthday was spent in hospital but this time, we are going to have a party with a Disney theme and before that, Callum will be Christened in church.”

Callum reaches his third birthday on October 12. Zoe added: “You would not believe how well he is doing, and how different he is from a year ago.

“The sensory room has brought him on and not just in an educational way. It makes him happy. If I ask him ‘where are your lights’, he will look round at them and start smiling.”

She said her son had grown so much, he was now wearing the clothes of a seven-year-old. “Only a year ago, he was wearing the clothes of a nine to 12-month-old baby.

She said he was doing so well, she and Callum’s dad Luke Smith, 24, took him to the Hartlepool Carnival.

“That’s the first time he has been and it is great that we can take him out and about”.