Action taken in Burbank and Longhill area operation to clean-up Hartlepool is launched

Peter Jackson (front centre) with fellow service providers at the launch of the environmental crime campaign
Peter Jackson (front centre) with fellow service providers at the launch of the environmental crime campaign

COUNCIL bosses say they are delighted with how the first day went of a new crackdown on environmental crime.

The Respect Your Neighbourhood initiative is being led by Hartlepool Borough Council but involves other key organisations including Cleveland Police, Cleveland Fire Brigade and housing providers.

It sees a full day of action in a particular area of town one day a month aimed at improving local neighbourhoods. All 11 wards in the town will be the focus of the campaign on a rotation basis.

The initiative includes clamping down on irresponsible landlords, tackling anti-social behaviour, spot checks of vehicles carrying scrap metal, graffiti removal, removing untaxed vehicles as well as penalising people for litter, dog fouling and fly-tipping.

The first area to benefit was the Burbank and Longhill Industrial Estate area earlier this week, which falls within the Headland and Harbour ward.

Action taken on the day included:

l Several vehicles stopped in a Stop, Search and Seize operation. Two vehicles were seized for using illegal fuel, one for using red diesel and one for using kerosene. Both vehicles were released once the owners had paid a fine of £540.

Two vehicles were found to be exceeding their weight limit for carrying materials.

One owner was given a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £300 for being 2,000kg overweight and the other a FPN for £300 for being 1,300 overweight, plus a £50 fine for having vehicle defects.

l A FPN of £80 issued for dog fouling in Musgrave Walk;

l A £75 FPN issued for littering in Musgrave Walk;

l One under-age litter warning with the youngster, aged under 18, being asked to attend a litter awareness course;

l Action taken against those erecting illegal fly posting;

l The removal of fly-tipping at the rear of Goodwin Walk and an investigation is underway to determine who is responsible;

l Meanwhile, 15 warning letters issued to owners of vehicles for breaching parking regulations.

Labour councillor Peter Jackson, chairman of the council’s neighbourhood services committee, said: “I’m really pleased with the way the first Respect Your Neighbourhood day went.

“All of the key agencies worked well together and residents fully supported the campaign.”

Before the day of action, residents met up with the key organisations involved to help identify issues which they would like to see tackled.

Coun Jackson added: “It’s so important that we have strong local communities. Respect Your Neighbourhood is a genuine partnership where all of the key organisations are embracing local residents to improve their lives and neighbourhoods.”