Action to combat childhood obesity

HEALTH chiefs are launching the latest annual child health campaign next month.

The National Child Measurement Programme aims at monitoring and then reducing levels of obesity in children, which sees one in three children in Teesside either overweight or very overweight.

Reception and Year 6 children in Hartlepool Schools will be measured when the new term begins next month and again several more times throughout the academic year.

Parents will be sent the results of the tests, which will be taken in school, through the post detailing their child’s BMI (Body Mass Index), which is currently the best measure possible to tell if children are healthy or not.

The results also include the NHS Change 4 Life leaflet, which contains the ‘top ten tips for kids’ and additional information on how the whole family can lead active and healthy lives.

Claire Spence, health improvement specialist, public health for NHS Tees said: “We understand that weight is a sensitive issue at any age, and it can be daunting to hear that your child may not fall in the healthy weight category.

“However, the information from the programme gives parents the opportunity to make changes if they want.

“After all, we all want what is best for our children.”