Adam barks up right tree?

Adam Stamper next to a section of tree in Ward Jackson Park that  looks like a dogs face
Adam Stamper next to a section of tree in Ward Jackson Park that looks like a dogs face

LITTLE Adam Stamper urged his gran to get in touch with the Mail to tell park visitors about a tree he thinks looks like a dog!

Jacqueline Renwick contacted us after she, her grandson and her husband Keith Renwick, thought they were going barking mad when they believed a dog was staring at them from behind a tree in ward Jackson Park, in Hartlepool.

But on further inspection they were surprised to find that what they thought was a canine in the bushes was actually a chopped down tree.

The trio wanted to highlight the dog-shaped stump so other visitors to the park can see if they think it looks like a dog too.

Jacqueline, 64, a retired adult education lecturer, said: “It really looks like a dog but it’s actually a bit of tree that’s been cut right down.

“It’s quite uncanny.”

Jacqueline and Keith, 69, a retired machine operative, have taken Adam to the town park since he was a baby.

And since the Wingate Primary School pupil could walk he has always loved to collect sticks and hide them behind a tree near to the clock tower.

Now when they take Adam to the park after school, it is a family ritual that they go and see “the dog”, or if Jacqueline and Keith go for a stroll in the park by themselves, their grandson always asks them if the dog was there.

Jacqueline, who lives in Clavering, Hartlepool, said: “My little grandson loves to hide sticks and he always hid them behind the same tree when we used to look after him.

“Now we just take him when we pick him up from school.

“Anyway, we started to call this tree Adam’s Tree. There’s a triangle patch where there’s some flowers near to the clock tower and it’s just there.

“One day we thought there was a dog behind it but it is actually another tree which has been cut down.

“It’s just staring at you and when you get closer you can see it’s just a tree.

“Now when we go Adam always says let’s see if the dog’s there.”

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