Adam Johnson trial: When will the verdict be?

Adam Johnson outside Bradford Crown Court.
Adam Johnson outside Bradford Crown Court.

As the evidence draws to a close the question everyone will begin to ask is 'when we will hear a verdict?'

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The case of Adam Johnson will bleed over into yet another week as the country waits to hear the footballer's fate.

But before we get a verdict, there is a lot to get through first.

Before the end of the defence case, Johnson's barrister Orlando Pownall QC will present some agreed facts - matters agreed by both parties - into the court record.

Then, there will be closing speeches.

This is the last chance both parties sill have to put their cases forward to the jurors - so they are often lengthy and will highlight key pieces of evidence.

Then, the judge presiding, Judge Jonathan Rose, will sum up the case for the jury.

In long trials, it is key for jurors to have all evidence fresh in their minds.

Judge Rose will review and remind the jury of all the evidence and, sometimes, give legal direction on certain points.

It is only after this summing up that the jury will be sent out to consider a verdict and they will be allowed plenty of time to come to a decision.

In criminal trials, juries are told to convict "beyond reasonable doubt". There will likely be direction given on what this means in relation to the footballer's case too.

So, there is some way to go before there is a verdict.