Advice for driving in the winter

A MAJOR safety awareness-raising campaign is to be launched this week.

From Thursday, the Cleveland Road Safety Partnership is calling on motorists to ensure that their cars are safe to drive during winter conditions.

Under the slogan “a two-minute check prevents a wreck”, the road safety officials advise a series of basic checks – covering tyre tread and pressure, windscreen wiper blades, windscreen washer fluid, anti-freeze, as well as battery and lights.

As part of this campaign, they have joined forces with North Eastern Tyre and Autocare/Kwik-Fit, Halford’s Autocentre, Penelope’s Auto Centre, from Middlesbrough, and Stockton-based Derek Campbell’s Exhaust and Tyre Centre.

Together they hope to promote a range of deals that will encourage motorists to have their vehicles checked.

Richard McGuckin, vice-chairman of the Cleveland Road Safety Partnership, said: “The launch event is a great opportunity for drivers to obtain a whole host of information about safe winter driving and to have their cars checked.

“It must be stressed that it is the duty of us all, as motorists, to regularly check our own vehicles and ensure they are properly maintained and equipped to deal with winter weather and road conditions.

“Pack a flask containing a hot drink, warm clothing, blankets, wellington boots a shovel and a mobile phone fully charged in case of emergencies.”